Moving Forward

I know I have badly neglected this blog. In fact, I can’t even remember what I last wrote about or when.  The summer got busy, I was working more intensive weeks, I returned to Sunday markets, Carson needs more attention…all of those excuses would be valid.  Plus I ran out of image memory.  That sucks.  If I can’t add photos, I don’t really want to post.  Anyways, all those things and a major shift for me to get my products out into the retail world has led me to move to a new blog.  Please head over to www.lovemonkeydesign.wordpress.com to check it out.  It won’t be as personal as this was.  I think I am over that for now.  I am sure somewhere down the road I will want to come back to that aspect of blogging but not yet.  For now I will be concentrating on the new blog and on my etsy shop.  I hope you can check them out!  There are some neat things going on over there. 



So Carson turned two last Thursday and it has been such a whirlwind week I haven’t even had time to post about it  (well, in true lovemonkey style the birthday festivities are far from over.)  Thursday was a nice day, starting with a couple little gifts from Nick & me then off to Tammy’s to celebrate with the little ladies and some homemade sugar cookies.   Then this weekend we had a couple of friends from Vancouver & Squamish around and Carson loved that.  He is extremely social, even giving kisses without prompting.  Today, being Sunday, is the “actual” party (although there will be a second one next weekend with the cousins).   We are headed to the beach for some fun with all Carson’s little girlfriends and one boyfriend.  Next week we head to Vancouver for some celebrations with the grandparents and the rest of the family.  Plus we have a secret day planned for our little Thomas the Train obsessed little man.  Whew, who knew 2 was such a good year??

I am feeling bittersweet about this birthday.  The first year of Carson’s life was so tough that it felt like a long year.  This past year has sped by in a blink and I am so in love with this little guy who is showing his personality with funny little laughs and goofiness.  The other day, while enjoying some yogurt on a bench in the sun, Carson looked over at me and said “that’s cool, mama” for no apparent reason.  And while leaving a store where the salesgirl and Carson had a good thing going, he says “bye baby” to her.  It is just like a fun little show to watch him.  And I could.  Watch him.  All the time.  I guess that is what having kids is all about. It isn’t the struggling of the first year and all the sleepless nights and hard work.  No, it is the joy and laughter they bring to make you forget the rest.

I can’t post anymore photos because I am at my file limits which is too bad because I have lots of pictures as well as some Martha Stewart Kids magazines to give away.  I am thinking of making the switch to typepad…any suggestions on that?

Have a great Sunday!


books-026.jpg   books-027.jpg

Look at all the goodies Kristen sent!  It is so amazing, I can’t believe it.  This is my first “blog swap” and I couldn’t have found a more generous partner.  There were lots of her new tags, which are fabulous by the way and a great book and other treats.  The presentation and wrapping are so graphically pleasing, I loved it all! Thank you Kristen. You made my week!  (and look who also can’t keep his hands off the goods!)


Shop Update!

Two of my original collages are going into my etsy shop today! Check them out & stay tuned for more!

new work

Here is a peek into the totally scattered and unrelated work I have been up to.  It is strange, I can’t keep focused on one thing long before I have a new idea I want to try out.


Collages that are hugely inspired by ShisoMama. She suggested using origami paper and I love it!


A new take on my little ladies using pattern for her dress.  There are a ton more in this series. I will get them posted one day.  The idea is to create kids clothes from these little ladies.

I am busy working on new collages.  If you happened to have read my post yesterday that included one of them, I took it down because I have started in a different direction.  I am such a mess like that…can’t stay focused in just one place so I keep changing and thinking AHA! this is it, only to hate it the next day.  What I am saying is that I will have pictures to post soon.  Once I calm my obsessive compulsive behaviour and finish a damn piece!   Here is a hugely inspirational art box by Joseph Cornell – which has nearly nothing to do with the collages I am talking about but is inspiring nonetheless.


In Carson worldthis week was a major breakthrough in relationship concepts.  For awhile now I have been saying “so-and-so is Katie’s dad” or “Patti is Lilah’s mommy” and trying to indicate the relationship to the name.  I am sure he got this long before he could communicate it but it was the funniest thing the other night when I asked, “what is dada’s name” and he said “nick”.  Then I asked what mama’s name was and he said “ano” (my nickname for kids).  After all the cheering subsided, he pointed to himself and said “big boy”.   So that is it, now instead of Dada, Mama, & Carson we are Nick, Ano & Big Boy. 

Here is Big Boy & his best buddy Tomi.  Both boys are about to turn 2.  Carson on May 31 and Tomi on June 12.  They have known eachother since they were in our bellies!


Other fun news is my mom & I are headed to Seattle for a getaway weekend.  Any suggestions on good shopping?


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